SAFE SPACE STRIVES FOR EXCELLENCE & OUTSTANDING SERVICE. Safe Space strives for excellence in all endeavors. Safe Space gives the customer more than they ask for. Safe Space achieves success through service.


Safe Space started in 1999 with two people cleaning a family owned business. Since then the company has grown into a full janitorial and landscaping company for commercial businesses across the nation. After working several mom and pop restaurants, the first chain that invited Safe Space in as a long term provider was Romanos Macaroni Grill owned by Brinkers. After providing superior service, Safe Space was able to move into several other fast food chains including Chili's, Maggianos, Red Lobster, Bahama Breeze, BJ's restaurants, Village Tavern, Outback, P.F. Changs, Red Robin, Bonefish Grill, Texas Roadhouse Grill and more. Safe Space is now servicing across some of the most developed areas in states such as Louisiana, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, California, Tennessee and its headquarters in Florida.


Safe Space focus is to grow to meet the demand of the growing economy and need for cleaning services in top industries including restaurants, office buildings, gyms, healthcare facilities, banks and more. By 2017, Safe Space will be expanding Internationally into Caribbean and middle eastern countries working with airports and hotels. Safe Space will always strive for excellence and outstanding service.




Santana Dhannie is the CEO and founder of Safe Space. He began the company solely in the late 1990’s by cleaning one restaurant and growing year by year in major tri state areas with over 10 franchise corporations knocking on his door. AWM demand grew quickly as he became known for his professional and quality services.

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