Perhaps no type of cleaning is as physically demanding and crucial to a business success than the sanitation, maintenance, and cleaning of a restaurant. If the highest standards arent met, it could mean violations of health-code law, customers could get sick or seriously ill, or employees could be seriously injured. Safe Space is experienced and highly trained to these standards and considerations. They are available to consult with you to set a plan in motion for helping your restaurant achieve and maintain success in these areas.


If you run a gym or fitness center, hygiene and customer safety are always a major concern. Between sweaty equipment, bacteria in change rooms, and the quality of air in your facility, you need a cleaning crew that’s up to the challenge. With Safe Space gym cleaning services, your facility will see Six-Star results on every clean. Safe Space combination of proven processes, exacting standards, and uncompromising customer service put our gym cleaning services on a whole new level.


The most basic is proper maintenance of the building are is looks. Customers judge businesses based upon appearance and service. When a building looks unkept, some customers won even consider doing business there. When your business looks its best, it will attract customers. Windows are one of the most visible aspects of a business. When they are properly taken care of, your whole business looks brighter and customers want to come in.


A first impression can never be made again.  When a client visits your office you want that first impression to make a statement about the type of business you run.  What does your lobby say about you and your company?  Does it convey your organization, professionalism, and cleanliness?  Putting your best foot forward in your office lobby is one of the best ways to make a positive first impression. Making sure your lobby sets the tone for your clients experience with you and your company.  Regular maintenance from employees or a professional cleaning company can set you apart by making a positive impression right from the start.


Commercial buildings is housing thousands of people every day, often it is where most of the community is doing business. This is the reason why commercial building should be well maintained apart from making it literally nice to look at. Owners should make it comfortable place to go to and clean as possible as it should. Commercial cleaning as well helps maintain safety measures inside the building. They keep the property debris free and can maintain anti-slip materials inside the building. They use delicate materials to clean your tinted window that tints won't wear.


To disinfect means to destroy specified infectious fungi and bacteria. Prevention is the ultimate strategy when it comes to keeping a healthy environment. We can provide you with comprehensive programs to stop the spread of germs before they begin. This program is especially popular among medical clinics, gyms and restaurants where harmful germs tend to lurk more frequently. With a comprehensive disinfection program, you can ensure that your employees and clients stay healthy and productive. There is nothing worse than a chain reaction of the latest cold going around the office…keep you employees happy, healthy and productive! Prevent this by ensuring that all contact surfaces are disinfected and germ-free. It is critically important to stress to your employees proper hand washing procedures and the small details that maintain a healthy work environment.


It is important to choose the best cleaning method for your floor. Managers should know that there are times when a routine floor care program is sufficient at preventing the spread of disease and other times when a more intense program is needed. Most slip accidents happen when floors are contaminated. Effective cleaning should remove contamination and reduce the risk of accidents. Incorrect cleaning can lead to a build-up of contamination. With all types of flooring from carpeting, hardwood, tile and several more the appearance is just as important when providing a safe environment for workers and clients.


To sanitize means to reduce microorganisms of public health importance to levels considered safe, based on established parameters, without adversely affecting either the quality of the product or its safety. To achieve the required level of sanitization, the chemical in question must be applied at a certain concentration for a specified amount of time. The food industry most often uses sanitizing procedures. Regardless of the product, the sanitizing solution must be tested to verify that the desired concentration is consistently present. Too little sanitizer, of course, can result in unacceptable efficacy, while too much sanitizer can yield residues that do not meet standards.


Restaurants must maintain a clean and hygienic environment for the health and safety of employees and patrons. Every aspect of the facility must be properly cleaned to ensure safe food preparation and handling. Dining and eating area cleanliness is necessary for safety reasons and to maintain the overall appearance of the establishment. The dining room is typically the first area patrons see when they enter a restaurant. Many visitors may decide to leave if the dining room appears unsanitary.

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